Paddy Keenan


Paddy and Craig worked together at Sperry Sun in the 1980s, and Paddy was Customer #1 in 1995 while at Numar, which sold to
Halliburton for $500 Million. As CEO, he has led several companies to successful exits in the Oil and Gas Industry, and continues to be a dear friend. Paddy’s keen insights and experience will keep us on track.
Bishr and Craig met playing tennis and became friends quickly. Bishr leads a high level software development team at Koch Industries. He has been actively advising on technology for ExhibitPower, and participated in our First Annual User Meeting last year.

Bishr has already vetted many CTO candidates, including three world-class individuals interested in leading the technical team and ready to start immediately.

John Petersen

Marcus Jonesi

Craig met John in 1996 while he was legal counsel for the IPO of Boots and Coots. He used the considerable earnings from that deal to live in a castle in Switzerland (OMG it’s amazing) until recently returning to Houston. John will be the Company’s legal counsel. His specialty for many years has been in the Private Placement arena. Over the last eight years John has earned a global following for his articles on the energy storage and alternative energy sectors.

John has already prepared the Corporate Documents and the Subscription Agreement.

Marcus is an innovative and dynamic financial and operations leader with 25+ years of broad-based, senior executive experience. He recently performed a review of Skyline’s accounting and MIS systems, exceeding my expectations with both the depth of his understanding and the comprehensiveness of his report. Marcus has performed in C-Suite roles in four service company start-ups, two of which have now been in business 20+ years. He is both a CPA and a PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP), with extensive experience in the areas of finance, accounting, IT/MIS, strategic planning, and change and project management.

Phil Neri

Phil and Craig first met in Paris at the end of the last century (kind of fun writing that, lol) when Craig was hired as a Marketing Consultant for Flagship Geo, an interesting upstream oil and gas software venture. Since then, he has held various senior marketing roles in oil and gas software. Phil has already begun to work on our ExhibitPower marketing strategy.

John has already prepared the Corporate Documents and the Subscription Agreement.